Welcome to Eminent Packaging Inc. Importer and Distributor of Aluminum Packaging Products.

Your packaging is more than a simple container. It's a front-line marketing tool and a key product feature that sets you apart from the competition. But is your packaging working for you? Is it improving your bottom line and attracting more customers? Or is it merely an afterthought?

At Eminent Packaging, we believe that your container is just as important as what it contains. That's why we've partnered with one of the world's leading facilities to provide you with world-class aluminum packaging that meets your requirements.

We provide a wide range of premium quality aluminum packaging products like bottles, cans, and collapsible tubes for commercial and industrial uses. Choose from one of our many available standard sizes or let us work with you to craft a custom container to your exacting specifications. With access to a cutting-edge tool room and development department, we can help you design
and implement the perfect packaging solution.

At Eminent Packaging we believe that your packaging should be as impressive as your product

Packaging... That Works!

Improving Your Bottom Line and Attracting More Customers

Aluminum packaging offers the following benefits:

  • attractive
  • sturdy
  • light
  • recyclable
  • highly corrosion resistant
  • resistant to light and UV rays
  • air and moisture sealed
  • hygienic
  • long shelf life